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Individual and Marriage&Family Counselor

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Individual Coaching

In individual coaching activities, it is aimed to realize the current capacity of the person, to create her own vision, to reach her goals, to take steps to change the situation and conditions that limit her and to live her own values.

"Dear myself! With eachday I'm feeling more confident, more courageous, more resillent. With each breath I'm finding more peace, more hope, more love. I've been building this strength within my soul for such a long time... So no one can never break me like that."
Hatice Nilgun
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Inspiring Action

When yo replace "why this is happening to me" with "what is trying to teach me everything shifts"

Open communication

This single session is for you if you want greater insight into your strengths and how to use these for more contentment in your professional life.

Family Coaching

It is the solution of conflicts by dealing with difficult and troublesome processes in the family and between couples and ensuring a healthy change of all family members.

"Forgive your parents... They too had a childhood they didn't heal from. They didn't know what they were doing to you because they didn't get to experience unconditional love. Don't try to change them. Now that you are aware, break the cycle."
PSY Hatice Nilgun
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Professional Support

If there are problems in your family, it means there are problems in all areas of your life. The problems you experience in your family lay the groundwork for all other problems. Problems in the family can sometimes be very difficult to solve and often require professional help.

Right Decision

You can contact me to establish balanced and healthy family relationships, to improve the clogged relationships and individual skills of family members and to increase the spiritual satisfaction they receive from life.

Group Coaching

It is a program that supports the teams within the institution to "be a team", develop together, work more harmoniously, reach their goals and get efficient results.

"If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together."
African Proverb
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The benefits of group coaching

  • Comfort to realize that you are not alone in experiencing similar problems
  • Gain flexibility by approaching similar problems from different angles
  • Awareness that there are different solutions to similar problems
  • Determining effective strategies in line with targets

Teamwork makes the dream work

Individual coaching is a deep focus on a person, while group coaching is a collective experience that takes place around a specific theme or goal.