About Me

She holds a double major in Clinical Psychology and Marriage & Family Therapy at Chapman University in California, USA. She completed his education at the University of Massachusetts Global.She applies many therapy techniques, especially behavioral, cognitive and solution-oriented therapy. She seeks individual, couple, family and group therapies and works on the subject of self-healing.

You can find things about me here.

I fell in love at the age of 17 and got married. I became a mother at the age of 19, and as I mentioned before, I became a disabled mother of my son with brain damage he suffered as a result of epileptic seizures. At that time, I started having panic attacks. Of course, the pain and sorrow I was experiencing had taken my mind out of control. There were two ways in front of me, either I would sit in my home as a resentful mother and live this fate with the possibility of opening the door to countless mental illnesses led by panic attacks, or I would gather all my strength and change this life that I did not want and build a life as I wanted instead.

I chose the second one. I chose it, but I didn't know where and how to start. I decided to start by continuing my education. I decided that it was not easy at all, among the people around me who said “you are married with children where you live”. I think I started my education since I was a person who has always read what he knows as a nature. It took me years to prepare for the exam again, to win and to study. But of course there was also the possibility of being appointed. When the dream of being a civil servant that I had tried once disappointed me, I gave up and returned to America. As my father's only child who is not a civil servant :)

Life is always a struggle and always a journey of labor. I had not given up on my dreams yet. I have 3 kids now; I had a handicapped son and a daughter that the doctors call "your daughter only has 10 years of life". I have often thought that such a painful person is too much to lie. He was calling me to a dark depth, saying, "Embitter, give up, give up, live your pain! This is enough for you a lifetime" .....

I started to continue my education despite everything and everyone, and I came to the point of dreaming of crowning this trip with Harward University, which I ended up with two masters. I was an expert clinical psychologist, I was happy, I succeeded ... Now it was to hold others' hands, to be a light to others ...

Don't let anything dissuade you from your dreams, beautiful person. Discover yourself, return to your essence, embrace yourself with love, strengthen your faith. Never lose contact with God. Remember, life can be lived happily with anyone and despite everything.